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If you’ve ever been to a SPA, you know that it can be one of the most incredible ways to relax and decompress. The modern-day SPA experience is designed to boost your physical, mental and spiritual health through a selection of therapeutic and restorative treatments inspired by ancient culture and modern innovation alike, and this is what SafestHires SPA Therapy is modeled on.

Visiting a SPA is like entering into your own little world of luxury and relaxation well away from the stresses of day-to-day life. A SPA is designed for optimum comfort to give you the chance to focus solely on you. Everything inside the SPA – from the comfortable loungers to the soothing music and the scented candles – is designed to help you take a relaxing breather from your life.

At SafestHires, when customers use our services, we want them to feel happy, stress-free and ready to take on the world. This is what we mean when we talk about SafestHires SPA Therapy – giving you the best possible background checks experience based on three key elements: Speed, Price and Accurracy (SPA).

Speed: Nothing is more frustrating than waiting several days for a background check report. The search types that are most often associated with delays are county criminal searches at the courthouse, employment verifications and education verifications. Knowing this, we’ve implemented some innovative ways to speed up turnaround on these search types.

> The old way of doing county criminal searches was to send a contract-researcher to the courthouse to perform a criminal records check. The researcher would then transmit the information to us. Delays are common with this approach based on various reasons such as how far the researcher must drive to the court, the researcher’s current workload, the court’s hours of operation and staffing levels and if the court records are paper-based or electronically stored.

To reduce our reliance on court researchers, we’ve integrated our system with more than 2,000 county courts, giving us electronic access to the information in these record systems. There are still a handful of courts that require in-person access but our courthouse integrations have reduced our average turnaround time on county criminal searches to 9 hours, which is lightening fast.

> In order to avoid getting bogged down with employment verifications, many companies now outsource these to a third-party service called the Work Number (or Tenstreet for DOT Employment Verifications). Likewise, about 4,000 colleges and universities outsource education verifications to a third-party service called the National Student Clearinghouse. Many background check companies today still have to call these third-party services to obtain information, which can still result in additional delays but our platform is electronically integrated with these services, which has reduced our average turnaround time on all verifications to 8 hours.

Price: For most people who oversee background checks at their company, price is a factor that comes into view after all other performance metrics have been met. They want to make sure the vendor’s system is user-friendly. The web-based version must be very easy to use and it should be able to integrate with every Applicant Tracking or Onboarding platform. The vendor’s system should have compliance filters built in and the vendor’s staff should be able to advise clients on compliance. The vendor should be competitive on turnaround times, they should follow industry best practices to maximize accuracy and they should provide dedicated customer service agents who are easily accessible and always helpful. At SafestHires, all of these boxes are checked and still our rates tend to be 25% to 40% less than our competitors. If your volume is high, this is huge, but even if this savings is not significant based on lower volume, switching to a company that provides this level of savings still shows your ongoing commitment to cost efficiency.

Accuracy: Your company does background checks to screen people for honesty, reduce negligent hiring liability and to create a safe working environment so accuracy is paramount. With 300 million people in America and literally billions of public records in circulation, every background check company is vulnerable to missed records, but our investments in data science and quality assurance have resulted in a <0.02% dispute rate.

Doing business with a vendor that is truly committed to your happiness can make a world of difference in your hiring process, which is why we not only do all of this but we also reward our clients with real SPA days.

To learn more about SafestHires, you can register for an intro call / online demo with one of our founders here.

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