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Free Background Checks and Drug Testing

SafestHires, an FCRA Certified Employment Screening Agency owned by four Gulf War Veterans and run by military veterans and their families, is pleased to announce that we now offer our services at no cost to eligible companies.We are the first employment screening agency in America to provide these services at zero cost.This is how the […]

Free Background Checks, Payroll, HRIS and More

Profit. It’s critical for every business, big or small. No business can survive long-term without it and every employee should be thinking of ways to increase it.Companies achieve profit by selling products and services. They also achieve profit by reducing costs… and it’s this side of the equation where we are helping companies in a […]

Easiest, Fastest Background Checks for Dallas Staffing Agencies

SafestHires is a veteran-owned employment screening company that provides the easiest, fastest background checks for Dallas staffing agencies and HR departments.  If you’re a Dallas company that requires employment background checks, SafestHires has everything you need. From criminal and civil record searches, to driving records, drug testing, verifications, references and even the FACIS sanctions database for […]

Every Healthcare Screening Program Must Include a FACIS Search

Healthcare providers must meet several state and federal compliance mandates in order to reduce fraud and protect their patients. This means they must carefully screen new hires and monitor existing employees. Checking a candidate’s criminal history, verifying past employment, viewing education credentials and validating licenses are all advisable. While healthcare organizations may differ on what […]

Beware of Background Check Bandits

   Cory Groshek’s LinkedIn profile says he’s “a highly driven, motivated, creative, and industrious individual that is committed to empowering men, women, and children worldwide to create the greatest lives and experiences possible for themselves through positive thinking, passionate beliefs, and inspired actions.” Yet, one of his most “industrious” (and devious) accomplishments is a scheme that earned […]

SafestHires Referral Commission Program

 You’ve no doubt heard the sayings, “Help Us, Help You” and “A Rising Tide Floats All Boats.” These sayings describe our Referral Commission Program.We pay Referral Commission Partners a 10% commission on the monthly invoice of every client they refer to us, payable for the life of the client.Since the average length of a SafestHires […]

SafestHires Supports #MeToo, #Timesup Movement

The reason SafestHires supports #MeToo, #Timesup is because we exist to help companies make safe hires. We do this by thoroughly researching an applicant’s background, including their criminal history, work history, drug use, and other possible indicators of risky behavior.Unfortunately, when it comes to sexual harassment, some people can pass a background check and still […]

FACIS Monthly Monitoring Program

 SafestHires helps federally funded health care organizations maintain regulatory compliance with the FACIS® Monthly Monitoring Program.  For medical facilities that receive federal funding, all providers, employees, and contractors need to be checked for sanctions, exclusions, and currency of practitioner license prior to employment or contracting, and then on a monthly basis. Entities that are out of […]

Rescreening Employees: Is this really necessary?

 You’ve run a thorough background check on all your employees. So now you’re completely covered, right?Maybe not.While a comprehensive background check helped you make an informed hiring decision before each person came on board, things may have changed, which could impact your business.  If an employee has developed problems since their initial background check was completed […]

Criminal Records Check

 Why Check Criminal Records?Criminal databases, adverse media and terrorist or politically exposed watch lists are all important sources to check when performing Know Your Customer due diligence, but you should also go directly to the courthouse where the company principals have lived. Why?Because there are no laws or regulations requiring courts to upload records to […]

Civil Records and Bankruptcies Check

 Why Check Civil Records and Bankruptcies?Whenever you begin a business relationship, it’s important to know if the people running the business are fiscally responsible. This is especially true with cryptocurrency startups or any startup for that matter. If you will be investing money into a company or establishing any sort of credit terms with the […]

KYC Background Check: Infographic

This infographic from netverify clearly explains why it’s so important for cryptocurrency companies at the pre-ICO and post-ICO stages to follow KYC background check procedures. It’s all about transparency, legitimacy and trust.   

Employment Verification

Why Verify Past Employment?If you will be hiring someone to work for your company or doing business with a company, knowing they have the required skills to meet your needs is critical. This is especially true in the cryptocurrency market, where people are investing money into companies because they are developing a complex software solution. […]

Address Verification

Why Perform an Address Verification?The physical address is usually the first place an organization would look for someone if an adverse event occurs and if the physical address does not check out, this is a red flag, especially when trying to determine the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency company. Therefore, it’s important that the address related […]

Identity Verification

 Why Identity Verification is CriticalSince the internet revolution, the way we do business has changed beyond recognition. Now we are less likely to have direct contact with clients and customers and face-to-face confirmation that they are who they say they are is no longer an option.It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or an […]

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