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Free Background Checks and Drug Testing

SafestHires, an FCRA Certified Employment Screening Agency owned by four Gulf War Veterans and run by military veterans and their families, is pleased to announce that we now offer our services at no cost to eligible companies.

We are the first employment screening agency in America to provide these services at zero cost.

This is how the program works. Add up the number of employees at your company. If you’re with a staffing agency, include your contract employees. Now, multiply this number by $3.00. This is the dollar amount that your company would receive in free background checks each month.

If your company has 25 employees, it would receive $75.00 per month in free background checks. If your company has 100 employees, it would receive $300.00 per month in free background checks. At 500 employees, it would get $1,500.00 per month in free background checks and so on.

Here’s the bonus. Any unused portion in any given month will be “banked” and continue to accumulate, month after month. So even if your company is smaller, your background checks bank can grow over time, which will greatly reduce or even eliminate your cost for background checks.


We call this a BeneFree business model


We’ve partnered with a company called WorXsiteHR Insurance Solutions and they pay for the background checks and drug testing services under this program. They are a nationally licensed benefits broker so when they are involved in managing your company’s benefits – either directly or in partnership with your existing benefits broker – the background checks and drug testing services are paid for out of the commissions they receive from your insurance providers.

Benefits + Free Services = BeneFree.

To participate in this program:


1) Your company’s benefits program can either be managed by WorXsiteHR Insurance Solutions OR;

2) WorXsiteHR Insurance Solutions will partner with your company’s benefits broker AND;

3) Your company must have at least 25 employees (including contract employees).


Some companies have a long-time relationship with a benefits broker they really like. This is why WorXsiteHR Insurance Solutions is willing to partner with your broker and still pay for your background checks and drug testing services, making this a win-win.

If you want even more savings, WorXsiteHR also provides a complete online HR software system with numerous other services like payroll & accounting, benefits enrollment & administration, applicant tracking, paperless onboarding, scheduling and more – and all of this costs nothing under the BeneFree business model.

That’s nada, zip, zilch, zero. The software and all services are 100% free. Imagine the enormous savings this can achieve.

In fact, you can see how much savings you can secure for your company with the WorXsiteHR savings calculator. It breaks out the savings by category and includes assumptions upon which the projected savings are based.

All of this is backed with live customer support and is fully compliant in all 50 states.

If you’d like to learn about our background screening capabilities, you can view our information deck. If you have specific questions, please contact us here to schedule an introductory phone call.


Let us help protect your company!

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