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Top 50 HR Blogs

One way HR professionals can stay on the leading edge of HR trends and hot topics is to read informative HR blogs by industry experts. To help you do just that, we’ve rounded up 50 of the must-read HR blogs online today. The blogs cover everything from recruiting and talent to technology and apps to give you the insights and information you need to excel in HR and help your company excel in creating and sustaining a superior workforce.

We have chosen blogs that are updated regularly and feature insights and analysis from leading HR voices, and we even threw in a few that provide some stress relief with an irreverent look at HR. To simplify your search process, we have listed our top 50 best HR blogs in alphabetical order so they are not ranked in any specific way.

1. The Aristocracy of HR

The Aristocracy of HR

Janine Truitt is owner and Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC and founder of The Aristocracy of HR. She shares her 10+ years of experience in HR and talent acquisition in blog posts, which date back to 2011 and center on talent management “triumphs, blunders, and best practices.” Readers will find monthly posts sharing relevant, thought-provoking commentary on all things HR at The Aristocracy of HR.

Three posts we like from The Aristocracy of HR:

2. Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager is a blog that offers a straightforward look at all things management from Alison Green, a former non-profit chief of staff turned management consultant. Alison shares her honesty and opinions in her posts to help managers establish a happy career and lead a happy life. While not specifically targeting human resources professionals, most will find Ask a Manager an informative read.

Three posts we like from Ask a Manager:

3. The Buzz on HR

The Buzz on HR

Sarah Morgan is an HR professional and blogger. She started The Buzz on HR two years ago but has been an HR manager for nearly 20 years. Sarah’s posts center on management, leadership, and other human resources topics.

Three posts we like from The Buzz on HR:

4. Change-Effect


Neil Morrison has worked in HR for 20 years and operates under the belief that HR professionals need to rethink the approach to people management and shift the focus to organizational needs from HR best practices. He pursues organization-centric solutions and blogs at Change-Effect.

Three posts we like from Change-Effect:

5. China Gorman

China Gorman

China Gorman has spent more than 20 years in HR consulting and specializes in career transition, executive coaching, and leadership development at the local, regional, national, and global levels. She serves on a number of boards in the HR and education spaces and blogs about HR, employee engagement, HR data, HR analytics, and more at her self-titled blog.

Three posts we like from China Gorman:

6. ChristopherinHR


Christopher Demers focuses on employee relations, leadership coaching, and talent management when he consults in and blogs about human resources. His blog, ChristopherinHR, highlights his 30+ years of experience in managing people, as he writes about HR, leadership, management, and more in his posts.

Three posts we like from ChristopherinHR:

7. CIPHR Blog


CIPHR delivers human resources software for storing employee data, handling payroll and recruitment, administering benefits, and keeping attendance records. They also share HR news and articles in their blog, which covers tips and advice for HR professionals.

Three posts we like from CIPHR Blog:

8. DATIS HR Blog


The DATIS HR Cloud provides a fully unified HR and payroll software to nonprofit and health and human services organizations. Their blog delivers thought leadership for health and human services organizations and centers on HR topics such as workforce management and leadership.

Three posts we like from DATIS HR Blog:

9. EffortlessHR Blog

EffortlessHR Blog

EffortlessHR provides online HR software solutions for small business. Their blog covers hiring, employee issues and policies, management, training and development, and many other topics of interest to HR professionals.

Three posts we like from EffortlessHR Blog:

10. The Employee Benefits Blog

The Employee Benefits Blog

Winston Benefits, a nationally recognized provider of voluntary benefit programs to medium and large employer groups, is an informative blog for HR professionals. Their posts include topics such as voluntary and employee benefits, employee benefits strategy, employee wellness, and recruiting.

Three posts we like from The Employee Benefits Blog:

11. ERE Media

ERE Media

ERE Media is a go-to source for human resources, talent acquisition, and recruiting professionals. Their blog shares the latest HR, recruiting, and sourcing news in addition to tips and trends for human resources pros.

Three posts we like from ERE Media:

12. Everyday People

Everyday People

Steve Browne, executive director of HR at LaRosa’s, Inc., is a strategic HR professional and blogger behind Everyday People. Steve specializes in employee relations, networking, and company culture, and he believes in working with executives to integrate HR across the organization to improve the company. His blog posts cover a range of topics and include advice and tips  with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll thrown in for good measure.

Three posts we like from Everyday People:

13. Evil HR Lady

Evil HR Lady

Suzanne Lucas is the Evil HR Lady working to “demystify your Human Resources Department, one question at a time.” Her blog confronts the theory that all HR people are evil and offers tips and advice to help HR professionals excel.

Three posts we like from Evil HR Lady:

14. Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent is a group blog written by recruiters, HR professionals, managers, and consultants about all things talent. Topics cover hiring, candidate experience, company culture, negotiation, employee engagement, management, performance, and a whole host of other issues that are pertinent to today’s HR pros.

Three posts we like from Fistful of Talent:

15. GetFive


Formerly The Five O’Clock Club, GetFive continues to be the outplacement and career transition specialists. The GetFive blog addresses HR topics and strives to put the “human” back in human resources for companies and employees alike.

Three posts we like from GetFive:

16. HR Bartender

HR Bartender

HR Bartender is authored by Sharlyn Lauby, an HR professional who now serves as a consultant. She created the blog “so people would have a friendly place to discuss workplace issues,” and her menu of topics covers employee engagement, HR law and legislation, recruiting and retention, strategy and planning, and a few other tasty treats.

Three posts we like from HR Bartender:

17. HR C-Suite

HR C-Suite

Founder of HR C-Suite, Tresha Moreland has turned it into a results-based HR education and publishing resource dedicated to connecting human resources with business results. The blog centers on HR strategy and creating an innovative workplace that fosters agility and productivity while delivering results.

Three posts we like from HR C-Suite:

18. The HR Capitalist

The HR Capitalist

Kris Dunn, founder of Fistful of Talent, also is the HR professional behind The HR Capitalist. Dunn’s posts cover compensation, culture, performance management, recruiting, retention, and a host of other topics, and he puts his own spin on those topics at times by blending them current affairs and sports.

Three posts we like from The HR Capitalist:

19. HR Daily Advisor

HR Daily Advisor

HR Daily Advisor delivers practical human resources tips, news, and advice and is updated daily. The blog showcases recent and popular posts and covers everything from skills of HR management to conflict resolution.

Three posts we like from HR Daily Advisor:

20. HRExaminer

HR Examiner

John Sumser is principal analyst at the HRExaminer, an analysis and publishing house that focuses on HR technology. The team examines that state of HR Tech and shares their findings with readers by providing “an up-to-date, cutting edge point of view designed to make our audience think.” HRExaminer puts readers at the intersection of technology and HR practice, not only with their articles, but also with their reports and HRExaminer Radio episodes.

Three posts we like from HRExaminer:

21. The HR Gazette

The HR Gazette

The HR Gazette provides commentary on HR technology, talent, performance, learning, strategy, and leadership. Their posts include opinion, analysis, news, and reviews from some of the best HR and management professionals and expert contributors from around the United States. If you’re a podcast fan who likes to listen to the latest news and insights on your daily commute, you’ll also find some links to HRchat podcasts among the articles.

Three posts we like from The HR Gazette:

22. HR Hardball

HR Hardball

HR Hardball is the blog of John Whitaker, who builds top-notch recruiting teams and “believes in the physics of HR.” John focuses on talent acquisition strategies and specializes in change in the workplace, and his blog posts cover a range of HR categories, including corporate culture, diversity, and management.

Three posts we like from HR Hardball:

23. HR Morning

HR Morning

HR Morning provides a daily dose of news, opinions, and knowledge for HR professionals. HR Morning also delivers the latest HR and employment law news tailored to small to medium-sized businesses. Readers get actionable insights to gain a better understanding of the impact of HR trends on your business.

Three posts we like from HR Morning:

24. The HR Payroll Systems Blog

The HR Payroll Systems Blog

HR Payroll Systems helps companies find the right software for your business. Their Human Resources Blog provides educational and entertaining posts for HR professionals and cover topics including employee relations, leadership, and HR technology, among others.

Three posts we like from The HR Payroll Systems Blog:

25. HR Potential

HR Potential

Helen Tracey is a senior lecturer in human resources at Northumbria University. She researches older employment, the aging workforce, and social class, and she blogs to provide insight into HR from her more than 16 years of experience as an HR professional and her academic work.

Three posts we like from HR Potential:

26. HR reMix

HR reMix

HR reMix is the blog of Melissa Fairman, SPHR. A business leader specializing in HR, Melissa is interested in the ways in which people, work, culture, law, and technology fit together for HR pros, their companies, and their employees.

Three posts we like from HR reMix:

27. HR Ringleader

HR Ringleader

VP of global HCM strategy and product management at Infor, Trish McFarlane is the woman behind HR Ringleader. This blog for HR professionals covers a range of topics, from benefits and employee engagement, to leadership and team building.

Three posts we like from HR Ringleader:

28. HR Vendor News

HR Vendor News

HR Vendor News is powered by HRmarketer.com. The blog delivers breaking news from companies offering products and services to HR departments and covers general HR topics, HR technology, talent management and employee relations, and more topics for HR professionals.

Three posts we like from HR Vendor News:

29. HRZone


HRZone is a leading community for HR professionals. Delivering news, opinions, and insights into human resources, HRZone covers engagement, performance, talent, and other industry hot topics in their blog posts. They offer helpful resources, too.

Three posts we like from HRZone:

30. Human Resource Executive Online

Human Resource Executive Online

Human Resource Executive Online focuses on strategic issues in HR. Geared toward vice presidents and directors of human resources, HREOnline delivers news, profiles of HR experts, and innovations in HR that cover talent management, benefits, HR information systems, employment law, and more.

Three posts we like from Human Resource Executive Online:

31. Josh Bersin Blog

Josh Bersin Blog

Josh Bersin is founder and principal at Bersin by Deloitte. He also is a global research analyst, public speaker, and writer on topics of corporate HR, talent management, recruiting, leadership, and technology, among other topics. Josh shares his HR expertise and insights in his self-titled blog.

Three posts we like from Josh Bersin Blog:

32. Lance Haun

Lance Haun

Lance Haun is an HR and recruiting professional who now serves as Practice Leader for The Starr Conspiracy. He continues to blog about work, life, and technology on his self-titled blog, which also contains the archives from his previous blog, YourHRGuy.com.

Three posts we like from Lance Haun:

33. Make HR Happen by Tom Bolt

Make HR Happen by Tom Bolt

Founder and CEO of Leute Management Services, LLC, Tom Bolt is an HR consultant who specializes in sourcing and recruiting. He also blogs at Make HR Happen and focuses on “re-humanizing talent acquisition and management.” Tom covers a range of topics in his posts, including best practices in HR, recruiting, management, and culture.

Three posts we like from Make HR Happen by Tom Bolt:

34. Omega HR Soutions Blog

Omega HR Soutions Blog

Mike Haberman is a human resources consultant helping small businesses solve their people problems. With more than 30 years of experience in HR, Mike is a practitioner and consultant who co-founded Omega HR Solutions. He shares his knowledge and experience with readers of his blog posts, which cover a range of topics such as workplace morale, work relationships and teams, and performance management.

Three posts we like from Omega HR Solutions Blog:

35. The People Equation

The People Equation

Jennifer Miller is a freelance writer who covers leadership, careers, and workplace trends. She also is the woman behind The People Equation, a blog focusing on workplace dynamics, or the ways in which people interact in the workplace. She writes to help readers master the people equation in order to determine how to lead everyone in the organization to career success in a positive, respectful way.

Three posts we like from The People Equation:

36. Robin Schooling Blog

Robin Schooling Blog

Robin Schooling is an HR executive and strategist on a mission to humanize human resources. She strives to improve organizations by improving HR, and she focuses on connecting individual’s talents and capabilities to organizational success. Her blog posts provide a realistic look into HR and feature her no-holds-barred style while providing insights that only a practicing HR expert can.

Three posts we like from Robin Schooling Blog:

37. SafestHires Blog

Our blog gives organizations hiring peace of mind by delivering a simpler, smarter background screening and on boarding experience for employees around the globe. It covers topics such as candidate experience, on boarding, re-screening employees, HR technology, and more.

Three posts we like from The SafestHires Blog:

38. Steve Boese’s HR Technology

Steve Boese's HR Technology

As the HR Technology Conference co-chair, co-host of the HR Happy Hour Show and Podcast, Fistful of Talent contributor, and HR Executive Magazine columnist, Steve Boese knows more than a thing or two about HR. He shares his insights and opinions on all things HR in his HR Technology blog, which dates back to 2008.

Three posts we like from Steve Boese’s HR Technology:

39. Strategic HCM Blog

Strategic HCM Blog

Jon Ingham is a consultant, trainer, and speaker in strategic, innovative, and technology-enabled HR. He also is the author of The Social Organization and the blogger behind the Strategic HCM Blog. He focuses on innovative strategies in people management, and his blog posts cover HR strategy, the role of HR, talent management, engagement, and many other topics of interest to HR professionals.

Three posts we like from Strategic HCM Blog:

40. Success in HR

Success in HR

Alan Collins, founder of Success in HR, is the author of Unwritten HR Rules and the former VP of HR at PepsiCo. He shares ideas, insights, and inspiration for HR professionals in his blog posts in the hopes that readers can take their careers and impact on organizations to the next level.

Three posts we like from Success in HR:

41. TalentCulture


TalentCulture is at the intersection of talent and culture. A social community/workplace, TalentCulture connects and engages professionals who prioritize the human side of business. Their blog posts feature insights and opinions from bright minds in business, digital, and HR and provide commentary on trends and relevant issues ranging from leadership development to workplace culture and talent management and HR technology.

Three posts we like from TalentCulture:

42. TalentHQ


MongoDB global talent acquisition and diversity leader and founder of Recruiters.Network, Jason Buss is the man behind the TalentHQ blog. Jason has 22 years of HR and talent acquisition leadership experience and is a recognized expert in identifying, recruiting, and hiring high-perofmrng teams. He shares his expertise in his blog posts, which cover HR, recruiting, on boarding, talent management, and other topics that HR professionals want to know more about.

Three posts we like from TalentHQ:

43. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

Alex Kjerulf is the founder and chief happiness officer of Woohoo Inc., an international speaker, and author of four books including the bestselling Happy Hour is 9 to 5. He blogs about leadership, happiness at work, attracting top talent, and much more.

Three posts we like from The Chief Happiness Officer Blog:

44. The Tim Sackett Project

The Tim Sackett Project

HR and recruiting talent professional Tim Sackett is president at HRU Technical Resources who believes “the most important thing an organization can do is increase its core talent base.” He started The Tim Sackett Project to share his thoughts on HR and recruiting, but he warns readers that he’s terrible at grammar. We think you can overlook that flaw because the insights are too valuable to miss.

Three posts we like from The Tim Sackett Project:

45. TINYPulse Employee Engagement & Company Culture Blog

TINYPulse Employee Engagement & Company Culture Blog

TINYpulse provides software tools for businesses that want to keep employees happy and engaged. The company is on the leading-edge of employee engagement, and HR professionals would be wise to bookmark their Employee Engagement & Company Culture blog.

Three posts we like from TINYpulse Employee Engagement & Company Culture Blog:

46. TLNT


Billed as “the fastest growing website in HR space,” TLNT focuses on the business of HR and shares news, trends, insight, and analysis for HR and talent management. Blog posts cover retention, leadership, workforce strategy, and more.

Three posts we like from TLNT:

47. True Faith HR

True Faith HR


Associate professor at St. Norbert college and advisor to SNC SHRM, Matt Stollak blogs about the intersection of HR theory and practice at True Faith HR. His posts cover engagement, HR technology, job satisfaction, leadership, performance, recruiting, talent, and many other topics of interest to HR professionals.

Three posts we like from True Faith HR:

48. Unbridled Talent

Unbridled Talent

Former HR executive, executive recruiter, and executive coach, Jennifer McClure is a full-time professional speaker and business advisor who helps leaders “embrace the future of work and leverage their influence to create positive, lasting change in and through their organizations.”  She shares posts on the Unbridled Talent blog twice a month and focuses on influence, leadership, and personal development.

Three posts we like from Unbridled Talent:

49. upstartHR


Ben Eubanks is a podcaster, analyst at Lighthouse Research, and HR blogger at upstartHR. He focuses on leadership and culture while “making HR better, one HR pro at a time.” If you’re looking for an HR blog that is updated regularly and features tips, trends, and insight, upstartHR is for you.

Three posts we like from upstartHR:

50. Women of HR

Women of HR

Women of HR is a community dedicated to the development of women in HR and business. Readers will get information, have the opportunity to discuss the issues impacting your life, and become part of a collaborative community of HR professionals when you begin reading Women of HR. The experts behind Women of HR include Lisa Rosendahl, Trish McFarlane, Shauna Moerke, Jennifer Payne, Sarah White, Charee Klimek, Lance Haun, and Lyn Hoyt.

Three posts we like from Women of HR:

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