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Schedule Any Lesson: Top 5 Reasons to Get a Background Check

Attention private instructors! There’s a new peer-to-peer marketplace called Schedule Any Lesson, where you can connect with consumers who want to pay you for private lessons.



To help make consumers feel safe, the folks at Schedule Any Lesson will be encouraging their instructors to get a background check and each instructor’s profile will indicate if the instructor has a background check on file or not.

Q: Why would you want to add a background check to your instructor profile?
A: To make your potential customers feel safe so you can quickly secure their business.

The focus of the Schedule Any Lesson background check is a person’s criminal history and Schedule Any Lesson will not allow convicted felons to create an instructor’s account on their site. Users will not be able to access an instructor’s background check report from the Schedule Any Lesson site, but if an instructor has a background check report on file, a green shield with a checkmark will appear next to the instructor’s name and indicate “Background Report on File” along with the date when the report was completed. If the instructor does not have a background check report on file, the profile will state “Background Report Not on File” below the instructor’s name.

Here are the top 5 reasons to get a background check for your Schedule Any Lesson instructor’s profile.

1) Fix errors on your report

Getting a background check will enable you to discover any errors being reported so you can work with the screening company to get these errors fixed. You can then submit a clean copy of your background check to the people at Schedule Any Lesson and compete for business opportunities with greater confidence.

2) Share good news

If you have a clean report, your profile will feature the green shield, which will instill confidence in potential clients.

3) Stand out from the crowd

For whatever reason, some instructors will not get a background check. If there are any instructors in your area that do this, consumers will be much more likely to select you over these people if your profile shows that you have a background check on file.

4) Speed up the engagement

Whenever a consumer is looking to hire a private instructor, they may have qualification criteria that needs to be met. This may include viewing your resume, calling references, meeting you in person and verifying your background. If your profile shows you have a background check on file, it can help convince them to engage you faster.

5) Honesty is the best policy

People value honesty. It makes them feel safe. If your profile shows you have a background check on file, it can help immediately establish trust. 

The Schedule Any Lesson background check is a great tool that can be leveraged to help instructors secure more business.

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