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National Sales Executive: $3200 Per Month Plus Commissions / Bonuses

SafestHires Talent Suite is an employment background checks and drug testing company co-owned by four US Navy Veterans.


The National Sales Executive position will pay $3,200 per month plus a 15% commission on the monthly invoice of each client you secure, payable for the life of the client – plus performance bonuses, which are described below. Our average client term is seven years so that would be 84 commission payments per client secured.

The person in this role will prospect and set appointments (like an SDR), perform intro calls to qualify the prospect and then schedule prospects for online demos, conduct the online demos, draft / send proposals and manage the sales cycle to a close.

In this position, you would be an independent contractor, working from home (or any remote location).

You must have a good desktop or laptop computer, access to a high speed internet connection, a good quality headset and a landline or mobile phone that works all day.

We want people who are ambitious with a hunter’s mentality. Additional skills you should bring to the table include:

  • Confidence
  • Passion for helping prospects
  • “Fire in the belly” to achieve
  • Mental toughness
  • Persuasive storyteller
  • Creative risk taker
  • ”People person”
  • Good Listener
  • Curious Learner
  • Intelligence

The ideal candidate will have recent experience in a senior sales position for a lead gen company, background checks company, HR software company or a staffing company. Freelance sales reps are also encouraged to apply.

You will be provided with a company email address & calendar, access to a Zoom account and access to a Hubspot CRM account, to manage prospects through the sales cycle.

During your first three months, your minimum quota will be three new clients secured per month.

After three months, your minimum quota will be eight new clients secured per month.

Year 1 OTE for this position is typically $68K to $75K. Year 2 OTE is typically $90K to $115K.

You will be paid via PayPal or Zelle every Friday.

We will also pay progressive bonuses on the number of demos you secure and the monthly volume of background checks ordered by the client.

Bonuses on Demos Secured –

> 20th demo secured: $50.00 bonus

> 40th demo secured: $150.00 bonus

> 80th demo secured: $300.00 bonus

> 100th demo secured: $500.00 bonus

Bonuses on Client Volume –

> Clients does 10 background checks per month: $50.00 bonus

> Client does 50 background checks per month: $200.00 bonus

> Client does 100+ background checks per month: $500.00 bonus

To express interest in this position, email your resume and three professional references to support@safesthires.com.

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