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SafestHires: HR Software Integration Steps



Ordering background checks from inside your ATS or HRIS / Onboarding platform is very convenient. The great thing about SafestHires is that this can be done with every ATS/HRIS platform.

We start out by giving you a custom link that is specifically coded to process the background searches in your package. You can embed this link in your offer letter (with some instructions to the candidate that we will provide) and email it directly to the candidate from inside your HR software.

Your candidate reads the offer letter and our instructions, clicks our link and they are routed to an online workflow where they read their FCRA Summary of Rights and other disclosures, they enter the information required to process the searches and they e-sign their consent form. You can see how this works by watching this video.

If you want to, you can even embed the link on a screen in your HR software’s onboarding workflow instead of embedding it in the offer letter. Doing this may require some additional programming by your HR software provider so you will have to submit a request to them, asking them to help facilitate this.

NOTE: If you ask your HR software provider to do any special programming, they may inform you that they already have one or more background screening companies they have integrated with. Keep in mind that these companies may not offer the same compliance protections we do, they may not offer the same productivity tools we do and their pricing may be considerably higher than ours. If you tell your HR software provider that your preference is to work with us, they should be willing to accommodate you.

The default setting for receiving your completed background check report is to receive it from us as an email attachment.

If you want the report to appear inside the applicant file in your HR software, this too would require some additional programming by our team and your HR software team, so you will need to submit a request to them, asking them to accommodate this.

Depending on how you prefer to receive your reports, if there are any software programming requirements on our side, we will implement these for you at no cost.

Contact your SafestHires rep to get the conversation started on integrating SafestHires with your ATS or HRIS.

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