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Easy Background Checks, Self Order or Candidate Order

When it comes to ordering background checks, you want the process to be fast and easy. Having access to a clean, user-friendly system can make a world of difference.

We’ve been told that the SafestHires background screening system is the cleanest and easiest system people have ever seen. The user-interface is modern, the system is very easy to navigate and includes many features that make the entire screening experience convenient and efficient.

But as the old saying goes, “seeing is believing” so we are including a couple videos that quickly show how easy it can be to order a background check inside the SafestHires background screening system.

This first video demonstrates the traditional order process. In this process, the user will obtain written authorization from the candidate, then login to the system, select their package, enter the candidate’s information and then submit the order. Please watch the video to see how easy this is in our screening system.


Some companies are doing high volume orders or they just don’t want their people spending too much time collecting a signed consent form and/or entering the candidate’s information. For these people, we offer an option where they can send an email message to the candidate, the candidate opens the email, clicks a link and a screen opens in their browser. They read their authorization form, enter the information for the background check and electronically sign the consent form. This process is demonstrated in the video below.


If you prefer to order your background checks inside an applicant tracking system or HRIS, we can help here as well. We are currently integrated with iCIMS and CATS, and if you’d like us to integrate with a different platform, all you have to do is submit a request to them, asking to integrate with us and we will take care of the rest.

These videos demostrate how easy the order process can be, but we’d also like to point out some other features that our clients really like.

Branch Ordering

Some companies have multiple branches, divisions, cost centers or business units and they wish to track which background checks were ordered for which locations. Other companies order background checks for their clients and they wish to track which clients they ordered background checks for. This can be accommodated with our branch ordering feature.


The user would select the appropriate location (or client) from a dropdown at the beginning of the order process and then the invoice would be subtotaled by these orders at the end of the month. With our user-permissions module, users can be granted access to all branches (or clients) or just select ones.

Package Builder

Another feature that our clients really like is our “Package Builder” feature. If a package contains a county criminal search, many screening companies will charge one price for this package, regardless of how many counties the applicant has lived in. This seems appealing, except the national average number of counties an applicant has lived in during the past 10 years is just two.

With this in mind, we didn’t think it was fair to make our clients pay a premium price for access to unlimited county criminal searches when most candidates have lived in just one or two counties so we implemented the Package Builder feature.


With the Package Builder, our system first runs the “Social Security Number Trace & Address History Search,” retrieving the applicant’s known residential address history that’s on file with the three major credit bureaus.

Our system recognizes how many and which counties the applicant has lived in and displays this for the user so the user can select the option that best meets their needs.

With this approach, we offer tiered pricing for each county criminal search we must perform and the client does not pay a premium price for unlimited counties when the candidate has lived in just one or two counties.

This is a significant cost saving feature that our clients really like.

Tracking Drug Tests

Another feature our clients really like is the Drug Screen Manager. If your background check package includes a drug test, you want to have some idea if your applicant has gone to the lab and you’d like to know if the test is complete, especially if other searches are still pending.


Our Drug Screen Manager reveals this information to you, informing you when the candidate has opened the email message with their drug test registration code and when the test is complete. Additionally, our system applies a date/time stamp to every stage of the drug test process, creating a complete chain-of-custody audit trail, making the drug testing process easier to manage.

Simple Adverse Action

The Fair Credit Reporting Act defines a specific process that employers must follow when taking adverse action against an applicant. It’s a two stage process that requires sending three documents to the applicant in stage one and one docuemt to the candidate in stage two.


We make this process very easy in our system. To execute stage one, a user would click the Pre Adverse Action link, circled above. A dialogue box will open. All you have to do is enter the candidate’s address information in the fields provided and click the gray “Submit” button. A PDF will be downloaded to your desktop that contains the three documents required for stage one and you may email this attachment to the candidate.

The documents in stage one include a letter informing the candidate they might be disqualified from consideration based on information contained in their background check and a statement instructing them to respond if the information is not accurate. The stage one packet also includes a copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act Summary of Rights and a copy of the completed background check.

If the candidate does not respond after the established time frame (typically five business days after they receive the notice), you would then repeat this process, selecting the Post Adverse Action link. This time, when you click the gray “Submit” button, the final adverse action letter is downloaded to your desktop, which you can email to the applicant.

This entire feature eliminates the need to create, save and track paper documents for Adverse Action. Also, we have an Adverse Action Letter editor in our system, where you may customize the language in these letters if you wish.

Mobile Friendly Background Checks

In the second video above, we explained the candidate order process, which includes electronic consent. If the candidate receives the email on their computer, it’s very easy for them to provide the information for their background check, but it’s just as easy if they open this email message on a mobile device, like a smart phone or tablet.


The entire process has been optimized for Android and Apple products to accommodate those who may be on the go and wish to complete the background check process on their mobile device.

The recruiting and onboarding process is already challenging for most companies. We try to make the background check stage easy, fast and affordable.

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