What Makes The SafestHires Platform So Awesome?

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A Real Win-Win-Win Situation

Who doesn’t love a win-win situation?

For example, you and some colleagues decide to grab a bite and you agree to drive. Chances are, one of them will pick up your tab and this is a win-win. Awesome. But when’s the last time you encountered a win-win-win situation?

You’ve probably never even heard of one of these, except in folklore or urban legends, but the elusive triple win actually exists and the SafestHires referral program is one of them.



Before we pull back the covers and reveal this triple-win gem, let’s first be very clear about why you should consider participating in a referral program.

The answer, of course, is access to more business. Referral advertising is great visibility for your company. If our clients trust us to serve them, they will definitely give your company serious consideration if we are vouching for you.

So where do the three wins come in to play?

We refer you to our 6,000 clients via regularly scheduled promotional emails, guest blogs, recorded webinars, live webinars and banner ads in our system that link back to your website or landing pages. BOOM – FIRST WIN. Our clients love us (or at least they really like us a lot) so if we vouch for a company, they will take notice. If they need your service, or if they use one of your competitors already, this can open some doors for you to help grow your company. Next, you promote our company to your clients in a similar manner, helping them become our clients. This is a win for us. BOOM – SECOND WIN And the companies you referred us to get a faster, easier and more economical background screening solution. BOOM – THIRD WIN. But now that I think about it, this is also a win for you because they will be thrilled that you improved their screening situation and saved them some money, which endears them to you and this could benefit you in any number of different ways. BOOM – FOURTH WIN.

Do you realize what this means? Our referral program isn’t just a win-win-win; it’s the Superfecta of referral programs: a win-win-win-win!

If you’re still not convinced (or if you just like things presented in list format), let’s recap:

Win #1 – We refer you to our 6,000 clients via multiple channels, helping your business grow

Win #2 – You refer us to your clients in a similar manner, helping our business grow

Win #3 – Your clients get a faster, easier and more economical background screening solution

Win #4 – Your clients (that become our clients) feel indebted to you for improving their quality of life at work

If you’d like to learn how to become a SafestHires referral partner so you can experience this win-win-win-win for yourself, please contact us below and we’ll help you get started.

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