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Recruiting Apps You Should Try

We are all aware of the increasingly competitive nature of finding, hiring and securing great talent. In response to this, some recruiters will employ the same methods they always have, while others will be more innovative. These innovative few are turning to modern recruiting apps in their quest to find the best talent.

Studies show that 70% of candidates already use their mobile devices to find work. Yet, only 10% of Fortune 500 companies have a mobile-friendly application process. So, why not reach candidates where they are already present? Using a recruitment app as part of your recruitment process can make you extremely competitive.

A common denominator between all recruitment apps is the understanding that recruitment is like a relationship; recruiters need to built trust with candidates and test their compatibility with the company. Virtual environments are essential in fostering these relationships and helping to evaluate cultural fit. It is difficult to determine cultural fit through a traditional resume.

While there are many recruitment apps available to reignite your recruitment process, we have chosen the top 5:


Shapr isn’t strictly a ‘recruitment app’, but more of a networking app. However, there is no reason why you can’t use it for recruitment. Available to download on the Apple and Google store, recruiters can connect with candidates and help them secure employment.

Once you download the app, all you need to do is fill in your bio and “swipe right” to accept or “swpie left” to reject new connections. This process alleviates any unsolicited requests and helps you match with up to 10-15 profiles a day based on your criteria.

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ProSky is an all-in-one talent software whose core aim is to improve the hiring process for applicants and employers. The San Francisco based startup challenges the traditional CV model with a system that tests, hires and trains new talent in one place. Unlike traditional recruitment methods, ProSky allows you to evaluate candidates in an innovative way through custom hiring programs.

When you download the app, you can source new talent, but also test their skills through projects and challenges. This means you can determine much quicker if a candidate is a good cultural fit. Beyond the initial recruitment process, you can then use the tool for onboarding and to improve retention.

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Nudj is a talent referral app that helps people find work through referrals. Targeting tech startups in particular, employers can easily post jobs to their network and apply referral bonuses. The app, which is still in beta mode, is used by companies such as Charlotte Tilbury and Market Porter.

You can easily set up your Nudj account by entering your company details, identifying your network and reaching out to them via personal and incentivised messages. You can then review your list of candidates and take actions based on their suitability. If the referral is successful, everyone is rewarded.


Switch is a popular app among active and passive job seekers who can browse prospective employers incognito. Similar to Tinder, it has a swiping functionality that allows both candidates and employers to accept and reject connections. Contact can only begin once a mutual match is made.

For candidates, Switch works by extracting their LinkedIn details, but disguising certain parts they do not want publicly available. As a recruiter, you can see their profile card and accept or reject them based on their initial suitability. Once you match, you can email them and schedule interviews.

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Based in LA, JobSnap is an interesting app that caters to the relationship between Generation Z workers (aged 22 and under) and employers in high turnover industries. The app was created by Jeff Boodie to help candidates who have little experience on their CV, but tons of personality.

While the app also has a swiping model, it is slightly different. Instead of using profile cards, candidates and employers must upload 30-second videos to tell their stories. It is an interesting way for candidates to show their personality and creativity upfront, which helps you determine cultural fit much faster.

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