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Personal Background Check: What to Look For


There are a lot of ways identity theft can happen to you. Hackers may get your information from a data security breach. Or, you may unknowingly provide it on social media, during conversions others can hear or by leaving financial documents in unsafe places. That information may include:

> Social Security number
> Full name, address and birth date
> Credit card or bank account numbers
> Car insurance or medical insurance account numbers
> Details that can tip off people to your account-recovery questions, such as your mother’s maiden name or your home town

With this information, criminals could impersonate you, commit crimes in your name, max out your credit cards, drain bank accounts, open new accounts, commit tax fraud and commit insurance fraud. Thieves can even access the Social Security number of a deceased person, commit fraud, and create problems for the estate.

With all of the recent data breaches taking place at large national corporations like Target, Home Depot, Equifax and others, it’s clear that the only way to protect yourself from identity theft is to actively monitor your personal information.

One of the tools that can help reveal if your identity has been hijacked is a background check.

A background check can reveal some key warning signs, like:

> Unusual alias names
> Residential addresses that you don’t recognize
> Criminal activity that does not belong to you

If you discover any of these things on your personal background check, please notify SafestHires right away. If you discover criminal activity that does not belong to you, we can work with the courts to help resolve this. If you discover any unusual alias names or residential addresses you don’t recognize, we can refer you to the reporting agencies for additional investigation and support.

A background check will not reveal any information about your bank accounts and it will not provide access to your consumer credit report, tax records, or insurance information, all of which is can be targeted by identity thieves. But it can reveal suspicious activity that may indicate these things are vulnerable to identity theft, allowing you to dig deeper and further protect yourself.



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