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Intuitive Dashboard With Easy Navigation

The SafestHires screening system starts with an ultra modern user interface that makes the work-flow super simple and efficient. You can quickly and easily place orders, check order status, set up users, view invoices and read announcements. Everything you need is here.

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Placing Orders Has Never Been Easier

The order process is very convenient. You can order by branch or division, select a bundled package, add a la carte searches and more. Users can order in the system directly or have candidates enter the required information by sending them an invitation email. Ordering background checks has never been this easy.

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Comes Well Equipped With Compliance Features

The system helps you stay compliant with built-in features like state-legislated time limits, adverse action procedures and specific FCRA certifications. Our FCRA Certified support team goes even further, ensuring that restricted information is not released.

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Upload Supporting Documents to Speed Up Turnaround

Verifications can impact turnaround time and this can be delayed even further when your vendor doesn’t have the consent form. Quickly upload this form or other documents from your desktop to keep the order process moving and prevent any delays.

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Add New Users With Customized Settings

Our user management system has been designed to accommodate any situation. Add as many users as you need, assign them to various locations, set different permission levels and even make sure that team leaders are CCd on reports. No worries here.

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Taking the Guesswork Out of Drug Testing

Ever wonder if your applicant has gone to the lab for their drug test. Never worry about this again. With our e-Chain of Custody and built-in monitor, you can track when they received their notification, when they reported to the lab and when the test is complete. Everything is recorded for easy tracking.

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Automated Random Drug Testing: Welcome to the Future

Random drug testing is much easier when your screening system automates the process. You just upload your list, select the test type, frequency and time between tests, and the testing gets started. Activity can be monitored in the Drug Test Manager and everything is recorded for possible audits.

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Let us help protect your company!

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