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The Faces of FACIS: What Cases are Covered by FACIS?

SafestHires FACIS

The Fraud Abuse Control Information System includes federal and state sources for exclusions, sanctions, debarments, and disciplinary actions
against healthcare professionals and businesses.

More commonly known as the “FACIS” (pronounced FACE-ISS) search, it’s used by healthcare organizations as a pre-employment screening tool to protect against fraud and abuse.
Many people ask us what kinds of fraud an abuse are covered by the FACIS Search so we are sharing this list of recent headlines to provide some context on what types of misconduct might be revealed in a FACIS search.

> Arizona Attorney General’s office cracking down on healthcare fraud and abuse

> Zamora Quezada convicted on multiple counts of healthcare fraud; wife acquitted
> OIG’s Latest Congressional Report Sees Continued Emphasis on Fraud and Abuse Enforcement
> Opioid Epidemic is Latest Healthcare Fraud ‘Hot Spot’
> HHS OIG Publishes Semiannual Report to Congress Detailing Almost $6 Billion in Fraud Recoveries
> Federal prosecutors charge doctor, sales rep in $12 million fraud scheme in Arkansas

> Kentucky cardiologist convicted of medicare fraud

> 30 charged in $86 million health care fraud case

> Owner of Los Angeles rehab center pleads guilty to $175 million healthcare fraud

> Dozens of Providers Charged in September Healthcare Fraud Busts

And Johns Hopkins Healthcare LLC has a great article on their website that defines healthcare fraud and abuse. They provide examples of both. You can read the article here.
You can get the FACIS Search from SafestHires. For more information, please contact support@safesthires.com.

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