What Makes The SafestHires Platform So Awesome?

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The HR Store is a place where you can learn about HR software tools that can help simplify and streamline your hiring, onboarding and employee engagement processes.

Please note that SafestHires automatically integrates with every application in the HR Store.

Assessment Software
Brilliant Assessments
Self-service business assessment software that generates sophisticated, detailed, personalized feedback reports that engage audiences. Both the assessment and feedback report are fully branded and multi lingual. It is being used by Fortune 500 global corporates & startups alike for Employees (Cultural/Strategic/Team alignment, training, certification, 360’s),Content Marketing, Needs Analysis, Risk Assessments, Company/Organization Assessments, CyberSecurity assessments, the list keeps growing!

Assessment Software
Form.com is a complete and flexible Enterprise platform to create, edit, and launch assessments to a distributed workforce. Configure custom workflows and notifications for escalations and quick problem resolutions. Visualize data to quickly understand important trends or to run deeper analysis. Focused on the Enterprise, Form.com has the security features, administrative controls, and integration options demanded by large organizations, and offers a full range of professional services.

Assessment Software
The Devine Group
The Devine Group offers hiring and development assessments to help employers hire smarter, develop talent, and drive results. Boost your top and bottom line by predicting sales achievement by over 70%, increase employee performance by over 90% and identify effective leaders 90% of the time. Discover why we are the trusted assessment partner for over 5,000 companies around the globe. Click now for a FREE evaluation.

Employee Assessment
eSkill is the leader in customizable online tests that fit specific job requirements for the highest job relevance. We cover all industries and skills needed for a wide range of job positions. Our extensive library has over 500 professional subjects with thousands of selectable subtopics that can be combined into an unlimited number of tests that fit your business needs. We help thousands of organizations to configure the most accurate, valid tests for pre-employment and skills gap assessments.

Assessment Software
Survey Anyplace
Offer a unique assessment experience. Add features such as Variable Scores per answer, personalized Outcomes, and an Animated Gauge to indicate results to your assessment. Try out our new Formulas feature, which allows you to do calculations within the assessment to give your respondents even more insightful feedback and deliver a personalized PDF report to their inbox. Check our white label option if you want a fully branded assessment with no reference to Survey Anyplace anywhere.

Employee Assessment
The Hire Talent
We provide cutting-edge pre-employment hiring tools that measure behavior, personality, & competence. Our tools improve the quality of hire & reduce turnover by predicting on the job performance & success in potential candidates with up to 90% accuracy. With flexible payment options, customized client portal, and full support from implementation to hire, we provide you an intuitive & easy to use pre-hire testing service. Next time you hire, do it with confidence. Try a test free today!

Employee Assessment
Top Hat
Top Hat is the active learning platform for professors and faculty. Assess student comprehension as you go. No need to wait until the end of the term to evaluate student comprehension. Top Hats built-in assessment tools enable professors to effectively gauge understanding or misconceptions, even before class starts. Get real-time feedback on student progress so you can course-correct on the fly.


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