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Every state charges a fee to obtain a driving record.
Applicable fees will be added to your invoice at cost.
These fees are subject to change without notice.

Alabama - AL$10.00
Alaska - AK$10.00
American Samoa$0.00
Arizona - AZ$6.00
Arkansas - AR$13.00
California - CA2.00
Colorado - CO$2.20
Connecticut - CT$18.00
Delaware - DE$25.00
District of Columbia - DC$13.00
Florida - FL$8.10
Georgia - GA$6.00
Hawaii - HI$23.00
Idaho - ID$9.00
Illinois - IL$12.00
Indiana - IN$7.50
Iowa - IA$10.30
Kansas - KS$13.70
Kentucky - KY$5.50
Louisiana - LA$18.00
Maine - ME$7.00
Maryland - MD$12.00
Massachusetts - MA$8.00
Michigan - MI$11.00
Minnesota - MN$5.00
Mississippi - MS$14.00
Missouri - MO$5.80
Montana - MT$7.37
Nebraska - NE$3.00
Nevada - NV$8.00
New Hampshire - NH$13.00
New Jersey - NJ$12.00
New Mexico - NM$6.50
New York - NY$7.00
North Carolina - NC$10.00
North Dakota - ND$3.00
Ohio - OH$5.00
Oklahoma - OK$27.50
Oregon - OR$11.83
Pennsylvania - PA$12.00
Puerto Rico$12.50
Rhode Island - RI$20.00
South Carolina - SC$7.25
South Dakota - SD$5.00
Tennessee - TN$7.50
Texas - TX$6.50
Utah - UT$11.00
Vermont - VT$18.00
Virginia - VA$8.00
Washington - WA$13.00
West Virginia -WV$12.50
Wisconsin - WI$7.00
Wyoming - WY$5.00



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