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Many companies this year have been hauled into court for violating employment laws related to background checks. The worst part is, the people at these companies who oversee background checks had no idea the violations were taking place. They sincerely believed their background screening program was 100% compliant.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who oversee their company’s background check programs have never been fully and properly educated about key provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and even minor technical violations which may seem fairly inoccuous can lead to a costly and drawn-out legal battle that hurts the company financially, harms employee morale and erodes customer confidence.

To help companies detect possible compliance violations that they weren’t even aware of, SafestHires is offering a free compliance interview and free corrective action report. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Improper use of consent forms
  • Unauthorized language in consent forms
  • Unauthorized language in adverse action notices
  • Omitting legally required steps in the Adverse Action Process

With a quick 15-minute phone call, we can help determine if your company is at risk for compliance violations and provide suggestions you can immediately implement to reduce your company’s exposure.

We are not lawyers and the information we share with you should be confirmed by an employment law attorney, but as experts in our field, we can definitley help you identify areas where your company may be at risk so you can take steps to become fully compliant.

Please follow this secure link to schedule your compliance interview today.

Let us help protect your company!

This guy is a Background Checks Bandit and they cost companies millions. By clicking this link, you can to learn how to spot these outlaws and keep your company safe.

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